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Home Heating Oil:sell and install top-quality oil-fired boiler from Peerles, WeilMclain and burners from Riello, two trusted anmes in the industry. Today's boiler and are more efficient thatn ever before..


Bed BugsThe Series EC/ETC is a residential, oil-fired boiler for steam or hot water systems. Available as a packaged or knockdown unit, the Series EC/ECT is for use with natural draft (chimney) venting. The large water content of the boiler makes it ideal for steam and large volume hot water applications. Features include steel push nipples that provide a permanent water tight seal between sections, and deluxe, insulated enameled steel jacket that reduces boiler heat loss. A full plate sweing-out door on the Series EC/ETC allow for quick and easy boiler cleaning. Honeywell operating controls, a Taco circulator, and a float type low water cut-off on packaged steam boilers are all standard equipment on Series EC/ETC boilers.

Peerles Series EC/ETC boilers are available with your choice of Beckett, Carlin or Riello burners. These burners freature a high voltage, solid state igniter that improves ignition, and a state of the art motor that results in a lower amp draw and cooler operation. Burners also include a solid state a control and solenoid oil valve results in cleaner and quieter burner operation.




Bed Bugs


  • Energy Star Rating
  • Quick open top and swing-away burner door with full chamber access increases visibility for inspection and servicing
  • Two flue outlets- rear and top - for complete venting flexibility
  • Dedicated water-only oil boiler with cast iron section - no tankless heater or cover plate
  • Recessed target wall design protects unit from flue brushes
  • Includes factory-wired circulator, service switch and Weil-McLain exclusive captured elastomer seals for added reliability
  • 85% AFUE


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